Vim script: Replace the home directory with a tilde ~


The following Vim script (VimL) code snippet can be used to replace the full path of a home directory in a string with a tilde (“~”). This can be useful as a way to shorten the path to a file or directory, making it more readable.

" Language: Vim script
" Author: James Cherti
" License: MIT
" Description: A function that replaces the home directory 
"              with a tilde (e.g. '/home/user/file.txt' will 
"              be replaced with '~/file.txt').
" URL:

function! ReplaceHomeWithTilde(path) abort
  let l:path = fnamemodify(a:path, ':p')
  let l:path_sep = (!exists('+shellslash') || &shellslash) ? '/' : '\'
  let l:home = fnamemodify('~', ':p')

  if l:path[0:len(l:home)-1] ==# l:home
    return '~' . l:path_sep . l:path[len(l:home):]
  elseif l:path == l:home
    return '~' . l:path_sep

  return l:path
endfunctionCode language: Vim Script (vim)

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