How to make Vim edit/diff files from outside of Vim? (e.g. from a shell like Bash, Zsh, Fish..)


The Vim editor offers the ability to connect to a Vim server and make it perform various tasks from outside of Vim. The command-line tools vim-client-edit, vim-client-diff and the vim_client Python module, written by James Cherti, can be used to easily find and connect to a Vim server and make it perform the following tasks:

  • Edit files or directories in new tabs (The command-line tool vim-client-edit),
  • Diff/Compare up to eight files (The command-line tool vim-client-diff),
  • Evaluate expressions and return their result (The Python module vim_client),
  • Send commands and expressions to Vim (The Python module vim_client).

The command-line tools vim-client-edit and vim-client-diff are especially useful when a quick edit or comparison needs to be performed on a file from outside of Vim (e.g. from a shell like Bash, Zsh, Fish, etc.).

Additionally, the vim_client Python module allows running expressions on a Vim server and retrieving their output, which can be useful for automating tasks or scripting. For example, you can use vim-client to run a search and replace operation on a file or directory, or to perform a complex diff operation between two files.

Overall, vim-client is a powerful tool for interacting with Vim from the vim-client-edit and vim-client-diff command-line tools. The vim_client Python module can also be used to run and retrieve the output of Vim expressions, which can help automate various tasks.

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To use vim-client, you will need to have Vim and Python installed on your system.


The vim-client package can be installed with pip:

$ sudo pip install vim-clientCode language: Bash (bash)

Execute Vim server

The Vim editor must be started with the option “–servername”, which enables the Vim server feature that allows clients to connect and send commands to Vim:

$ vim --servername SERVERNAMECode language: plaintext (plaintext)

Make Vim server edit multiple files in tabs

Editing a list of files in new tabs:

$ vim-client-edit file1 file2 file3 

Make Vim server diff files (like vimdiff)

Comparing/diff up to eight files:

$ vim-client-diff file1 file2

Useful ~/.bashrc aliases:

Adding the following aliases to ~/.bashrc is recommended as it makes it easy to execute the command-line tools vim-client-edit and vim-client-diff:

alias gvim=vim-client-edit
alias vim=vim-client-edit
alias vi=vim-client-edit
alias vimdiff=vim-client-diff

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