Set up Vim to use Fasd for quickly jumping to directories

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Fasd is a command-line tool that enhances productivity by providing quick access to files and directories. It is inspired by autojump, z and v.

By using the code provided below, you can configure Vim to leverage Fasd for swiftly jumping to directories:

" Language: Vim script
" Description: Vim Fasd integration
" Usage: Execute the command: 
"        :Fasd <QUERY>
" License: MIT
" Author: James Cherti
" URL:

function! Fasd(query)
  " -d: Match directories only.
  " -l: List paths without scores.
  let l:cmd = 'fasd -d -l ' . shellescape(a:query)
  let l:result = systemlist(l:cmd)
  if v:shell_error !=# 0
    echoerr 'Fasd error: ' . join(l:result, "\n")

  if len(l:result) ==# 0 || !isdirectory(l:result[0])
    echo 'Fasd has not found anything for: ' . a:query

  let l:path = l:result[0]
  exec 'edit ' . fnameescape(l:path)
  exec 'lcd ' . fnameescape(l:path)
  echo l:path

command! -bar -nargs=1 Fasd call Fasd(<f-args>)
Code language: Vim Script (vim)