A Docker container for Oddmuse, a Wiki engine that does not require a database


Oddmuse is a wiki engine. Unlike other wiki engines that rely on local or remote databases to store and modify content, Oddmuse utilizes the local file system. This means that users can create and manage Wiki pages on their local machine and easily transfer them to other locations or servers. By leveraging the local file system, Oddmuse eliminates the need for complex and costly database setups. Oddmuse is used by many websites around the world, including the website emacswiki.org.

To make it even easier to use Oddmuse, I have created a Docker container that includes the wiki engine and all of its dependencies. This container can be downloaded and run on any machine that has Docker installed.

Pull and run the Oddmuse Docker container

The Oddmuse Docker container can be pulled from the Docker hub repository jamescherti/oddmuse using the following command:

docker pull jamescherti/oddmuseCode language: Bash (bash)

And here is an example of how to run the Docker container:

docker run --rm \
  -v /local/path/oddmuse_data:/data \
  -p 8080:80 \
  --env ODDMUSE_URL_PATH=/wiki \
  jamescherti/oddmuseCode language: Bash (bash)

Once the container up and running, you can start using Oddmuse to create and manage your own wiki pages.

Alternative method: Compile the Oddmuse Docker container

Alternatively, you can build the Oddmuse Docker container using the Dockerfile that is hosted in the GitHub repository jamescherti/docker-oddmuse:

git clone https://github.com/jamescherti/docker-oddmuse
docker build -t jamescherti/oddmuse docker-oddmuseCode language: Bash (bash)

The Oddmuse Docker container is a convenient and efficient way to use the Oddmuse Wiki engine without the need for complex setups.

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