A Vim plugin for persisting and restoring Vim editing sessions easily and effortlessly


The Vim plugin vim-easysession, written by James Cherti, offers a convenient and effortless way to persist and restore Vim editing sessions. It can significantly increase productivity and save a lot of time for users who frequently switch between different projects and those who frequently open and close the Vim editor.

In addition to its automatic session management capabilities, the Vim plugin Easysession also offers a variety of useful Vim commands that allow users to save, switch, list and delete sessions manually.

Easysession features

  • Save and restore the session “main”, which includes various settings such as the font, background, and color scheme (The &guifont, &background, and the color scheme are also part of the session file that is generated by Easysession)
  • Auto-complete the Vim commands :EasySessionLoad and :EasySessionRemove
  • Specify the directory where the session files are located:
    let g:easysession_dir = expand('~/.my_vim_sessions')
  • Save the session:
  • Switch to a different session:
    :EasySessionLoad SESSION_NAME
  • List the available sessions:
  • Delete a session with:
    :EasySessionRemove SESSION_NAME

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The Vim plugin Easysession can be installed with Vim’s built-in package manager (Vim 8 and higher):

mkdir -p ~/.vim/pack/jamescherti/start
cd ~/.vim/pack/jamescherti/start
git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/jamescherti/vim-easysession
vim -u NONE -c "helptags vim-easysession/doc" -c qCode language: JavaScript (javascript)

The plugin can also be installed with any third-party plugin manager such as Pathogen or Vundle.


The Vim plugin Easysession provides an easy and effortless way to persist and restore Vim editing sessions. Its automatic session management capabilities, manual commands, auto-complete feature, and its ability to specify the directory for saves session are all valuable features that make it easy to manage Vim editing sessions.

If you are looking for a way to manage and organize your Vim session more efficiently, the Easysession Vim plugin is an excellent option to consider.

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