A Git Tool that can decide whether to use ‘git mv’ or ‘mv’ to move files and/or directories

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The git-smartmv command-line tool, written by James Cherti, allows moving files and/or directories without having to worry about manually choosing whether to use mv or git mv.

  • If the file or directory is being moved within the same Git repository, git-smartmv uses git mv.
  • If the file or directory is being moved between a Git repository and a non-Git directory or a different Git repository, git-smartmv uses mv.


sudo pip install git-smartmvCode language: plaintext (plaintext)

Shell alias

To simplify the usage of this tool, you can add the following line to your ~/.bashrc:

alias mv="git-smartmv"Code language: plaintext (plaintext)


The git-smartmv command-line tool accepts similar arguments as the mv command, including the source file or directory to be moved, and the destination file or directory.


git smartmv file1 file2 directory/

Second example (rename):

git smartmv file1 file2

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