Making the Emacs built-in tab-bar Look Like Vim’s Tab Bar


The tab-bar-vim.el Emacs package modifies the appearance of the Emacs tab-bar to resemble Vim’s tabbed browsing interface. It also ensures that the tab-bar’s appearance remains consistent with the overall color scheme of the current theme.

The Emacs built-in tab-bar feature, which enables users to manage multiple buffers through a visual interface at the top of the Emacs window, is available in Emacs version 27 or higher.

Here are a few more screenshots showing how the tab-bar-vim.el package adapts Emacs tab-bar colors to any loaded theme:

The above theme is the Tomorrow Night Deepblue Emacs theme

For those who have never used Vim and are curious about the appearance of Vim tabs, here is a screenshot:

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